Ana Ivanovic height and weight

Ana Ivanovic height and weight

How tall is Ana Ivanovic?

Ana Ivanovic’s height is 6ft 0.5in (184 cm).

How much does Ana Ivanovic weigh?

Ana Ivanovic weighs 152 lbs (69 kg).

What is Ana Ivanovic’s shoe size?

Ana Ivanovic’s shoe size is 10.5 US (41 EU).

What is Ana Ivanovic’s zodiac sign?

Ana Ivanovic’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

When was Ana Ivanovic born?

Ana Ivanovic’s birthday is on November 6, 1987.

Where was Ana Ivanovic born?

Ana Ivanovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia.

Serbian professional tennis player, Ana Ivanovic’s real name is Ana Ivanović.

Ana Ivanovic weight loss

Ana Ivanovic before weight loss

Ana Ivanovic height and weight

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“Wake up early-ish, maybe 7 or 8, then go for a 40-minute jog, then have a nice shower, a cup of coffee and some fresh fruit. Then go catch up with friends or go shopping. For lunch, maybe a salad with chicken and mango, or something exotic. Then probably fish with rice and steamed veggies in the evening. My workouts are usually morning before breakfast, then tennis after breakfast, then another tennis session in the afternoon.”

“I work out a lot, but it changes day to day. I always start out with some cardio – either a jog, a bike ride, or footwork drills designed specifically for tennis movement. Then I do weights, but I switch the days: one day it’s upper body, the next day it’s lower body. Then I do stomach and back pretty much every day.”

Source: Shape Magazine

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