Ashley Olsen height and weight

Ashley Olsen height and weight

How tall is Ashley Olsen?

Ashley Olsen’s height is 5ft 0in (152 cm).

How much does Ashley Olsen weigh?

Ashley Olsen weighs 97 lbs (44 kg).

What are Ashley Olsen’s measurements?

Ashley Olsen’s measurements are: 31-23-33 (79-58-84 cm).

What is Ashley Olsen’s bra size?

Ashley Olsen’s bra size is 30A.

What is Ashley Olsen’s shoe size?

Ashley Olsen’s shoe size is 6 US (36 EU).

What is Ashley Olsen’s zodiac sign?

Ashley Olsen’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

When was Ashley Olsen born?

Ashley Olsen’s birthday is on June 13, 1986.

Where was Ashley Olsen born?

Ashley Olsen was born in Sherman Oaks, California, USA.

American actress, fashion designer and one of the famous Olsen twins, siblings – five, including Mary-Kate Olsen and Elizabeth Olsen, Ashley Olsen’s real name is Ashley Fuller Olsen.

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