Booboo Stewart height and weight

Booboo Stewart height and weight

How tall is Booboo Stewart?

Booboo Stewart’s height is 5ft 7-8in (170-173 cm).

How much does Booboo Stewart weigh?

Booboo Stewart weighs 160 lbs (72 kg).

“I’m about 160 pounds right now, but I’m pretty short. I had to put on a lot of weight for the role…My favourite part of my own body is my Adam’s apple. It’s abnormally large.”

Source: Oyster Magazine

What is Booboo Stewart’s shoe size?

What is Booboo Stewart’s zodiac sign?

Booboo Stewart’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

When was Booboo Stewart born?

Booboo Stewart’s birthday is on January 21, 1994.

Where was Booboo Stewart born?

Booboo Stewart was born in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

American actor and singer, ethnicity – Scottish, Russian, Blackfoot Indian (father), Japanese, Chinese, Korean (mother), Booboo Stewart’s real name is Nils Allen Stewart, Jr.

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