Dick Van Dyke height and weight

Dick Van Dyke height and weight

How tall is Dick Van Dyke?

Dick Van Dyke’s height is 6ft 1in (185 cm).

“It was nighttime, February 1943, and I was standing next to my mother, thinking about the war in Europe…I stood six feet one inch and weighed 130 pounds [18 years old], if that. I was a tall drink of water, as my grandmother said.”

Source: My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business. Book by Dick Van Dyke.

How much does Dick Van Dyke weigh?

Dick Van Dyke weighed 160 lbs (72 kg) in his prime.

“The six-foot, one-inch actor weighs a bare 160 pounds, “and that,” he says, “is an improvement over the 140 pounds I weighed until a couple of years ago.” But now that he has reached 160, he worries what will happen if he gets too husky.”

Source: The Pantagraph, October 18, 1964.

What is Dick Van Dyke’s shoe size?

What is Dick Van Dyke’s zodiac sign?

Dick Van Dyke’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

When was Dick Van Dyke born?

Dick Van Dyke’s birthday is on December 13, 1925.

Where was Dick Van Dyke born?

Dick Van Dyke was born in West Plains, Missouri, USA.

American actor and comedian, Dick Van Dyke’s real name is Richard Wayne Van Dyke.

Photo credit: Ron Davis/Getty Images.

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