Famke Janssen height and weight

Famke Janssen height and weight

How tall is Famke Janssen?

Famke Janssen’s height is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm).

“I’m almost six feet tall and shrinking hopefully and I have a specific look – I may as well go with it.” ComingSoon.net, January 2013

How much does Famke Janssen weigh?

What is Famke Janssen’s shoe size?

Famke Janssen’s shoe size is 11 US (42 EU).

What is Famke Janssen’s zodiac sign?

Famke Janssen’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

When was Famke Janssen born?

Famke Janssen’s birthday is on November 5, 1964.

Where was Famke Janssen born?

Famke Janssen was born in Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

Dutch actress, Famke Janssen’s real name is Famke Beumer Janssen.

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“I love food, but don’t let me near the stove, I’m a disaster! I eat salad and sometimes chicken at lunch; I have vegetarian tendencies. Lots of water, no bread. I love sweet things and sometimes I indulge myself with some apple pie with ice cream. I have a fixation, in fact two: a cappuccino with my girl friends and a glass of Scotch.” Vogue.it, August 2010

“I love to dance, dance, dance. I don’t understand the bootcamp type of workouts.” The New Potato, March 2017

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