George Hamilton height and weight

George Hamilton height and weight

How tall is George Hamilton?

George Hamilton’s height is 6ft 2in (188 cm).

“Hamilton’s weight hovered between 168 and 175 pounds in high school. These days, he weighs 178 at six-foot-two. Besides a spell early in his movie career when he hit a personal high of 190, he has managed to maintain roughly the same bodyweight for his entire adult life.” Toronto Sun, November 2013

How much does George Hamilton weigh?

George Hamilton weighs nearly 180 lbs (81 kg).

What is George Hamilton’s shoe size?

What is George Hamilton’s zodiac sign?

George Hamilton’s zodiac sign is Leo.

When was George Hamilton born?

George Hamilton’s birthday is on August 12, 1939.

Where was George Hamilton born?

George Hamilton was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

American actor, George Hamilton’s real name is George Stevens Hamilton.

Photo credit: Ron Galella/Getty Images.

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