Gerard Way height and weight


How tall is Gerard Way?

Gerard Way’s height is 5ft 8in (173 cm).

How much does Gerard Way weigh?

Gerard Way’s weight is nearly 156 lbs (70 kg).

What is Gerard Way’s shoe size?

Gerard Way’s shoe size is 10 US (43 EU).

What is Gerard Way’s zodiac sign?

Gerard Way’s zodiac sign is Aries.

When was Gerard Way born?

Gerard Way’s birthday is on April 9, 1977.

Where was Gerard Way born?

Gerard Way was born in Summit, New Jersey, USA.

American musician and the lead vocalist of the rock band My Chemical Romance, spouse – Lyn-Z (2007), Gerard Way’s real name is Gerard Arthur Way.

Gerard Way weight loss

Lost more than 40 pounds (18 kg) from his heaviest weight, 198 lbs (90 kg)

Gerard Way before weight loss

“It was about feeling freer and moving and being a little more fearless onstage, that’s what this was about, so I just had to get in shape. I grew up with severe body issues, and then basically used our wardrobe to shield those body issues for the entirety of the band’s career. It was, ‘Let’s see how much more we can keep covering and putting this body in a prison, because you feel bad about yourself.'”

Source: Rolling Stone magazine


  1. Gerard Way was born in Summit, New Jersey. But after, they moved to Bellvelle, New Jersey.