Lindsay Kay Hayward height and weight 2017


How tall is Lindsay Kay Hayward?

Lindsay Kay Hayward’s height is 6ft 8.25in (204 cm).

“By age 13, I was 6’9”, but later lost about 3/4” in height due to a slipped disc.”

“The tallest guy I ever dated was 6ft 11in (211 cm). When I date someone like that people really stare in the street. Everyone turns around and gets out of our way pretty quick.”

“I think it gets a man kudos to have a tall girlfriend like me. If he’s big, it makes him look like even more of a man.”

Sources: Lindsay Kay Hayward | The Official Website, Meet Lindsay, the 6ft 9in model who makes her living as an Amazonian wrestler

How much does Lindsay Kay Hayward weigh?

Lindsay Kay Hayward weighs 250-260 lbs (114-118 kg).

What are Lindsay Kay Hayward’s measurements?

What is Lindsay Kay Hayward’s bra size?

Lindsay Kay Hayward’s bra size is 38G.

Lindsay Kay Hayward on Twitter: “I have a 39″ inseam.. 38G bra size.. I dont think anyone there will be needing my jeans or dresses.”

What is Lindsay Kay Hayward’s shoe size?

Lindsay Kay Hayward’s shoe size is 14 US (46 EU).

What is Lindsay Kay Hayward’s zodiac sign?

Lindsay Kay Hayward’s zodiac sign is Leo.

When was Lindsay Kay Hayward born?

Lindsay Kay Hayward’s birthday is on July 28, 1987.

Where was Lindsay Kay Hayward born?

Lindsay Kay Hayward was born in Walnut Creek, California, USA.

American professional wrestler also known by her ring name Isis the Amazon / Giant Isis and the world’s tallest actress, Lindsay Kay Hayward’s real name is Lindsay Kay Hayward.

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