Joseph Goebbels height and weight

Joseph Goebbels height and weight

How tall was Joseph Goebbels?

Joseph Goebbels’s height was 5ft 5in (165 cm).

Adolf Hitler: “A giant in a dwarf’s body, a man of size!” Spartacus Educational

Brunhilde Pomsel [Joseph Goebbels’ secretary]: “Goebbels was a good looking man. He wasn’t tall, a bit short, he could have been taller to really be something. But he was really well-kept, had great suits, best cloth. Always had a light tan. Well-groomed hands, he probably had a manicure done every day.” Daily Mail Online, August 2016

How much did Joseph Goebbels weigh?

What was Joseph Goebbels’s shoe size?

What was Joseph Goebbels’s zodiac sign?

Joseph Goebbels’s zodiac sign was Scorpio.

When was Joseph Goebbels born?

Joseph Goebbels’s birthday was on October 29, 1897.

Where was Joseph Goebbels born?

Joseph Goebbels was born in Rheydt (now Mönchengladbach), Germany.

When did Joseph Goebbels die?

Joseph Goebbels died on May 1, 1945 at the age of 47 in Berlin, Germany.

German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany, Joseph Goebbels’s real name was Paul Joseph Goebbels.

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