Kareena Kapoor height and weight


How tall is Kareena Kapoor?

Kareena Kapoor’s height is 5ft 4in (163 cm).

How much does Kareena Kapoor weigh?

Kareena Kapoor’s weight has fluctuated over the years from curvy to skinny, her normal weight is nearly 120 lbs (54 kg).

What are Kareena Kapoor’s measurements?

Kareena Kapoor’s measurements are: 34-27-36 (86-69-91 cm).

What is Kareena Kapoor’s bra size?

Kareena Kapoor’s bra size is 32B.

What is Kareena Kapoor’s shoe size?

Kareena Kapoor’s shoe size is 6.5 US (37 EU).

What is Kareena Kapoor’s zodiac sign?

Kareena Kapoor’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

When was Kareena Kapoor born?

Kareena Kapoor’s birthday is on September 21, 1980.

Where was Kareena Kapoor born?

Kareena Kapoor was born in Mumbai, Maharahstra, India.

Indian actress, Kareena Kapoor’s real name is Kareena Randhir Kapoor also known as Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Kareena Kapoor weight loss

Lost a lot of weight after marriage in 2012

Kareena Kapoor before and after weight loss

“I have gone back to the size-zero look I had in Tashan [“Tashan”, 2008], but this time it is curvier. I wanted this body for my item song. Since it is a rigorous and raunchy number, I decided to go for a slim and sexy look but I still have curves in the right places. It may be a trend now with some actresses, but I definitely don’t want to look plump or fat!”

“The key to a sexy figure is a great diet, combined with the right exercise. Rujuta [a celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar] combines fat and protein, and tells me to eat everything in moderation, and every two hours. She keeps changing my diet so that my body doesn’t get bored.”

“I was training twice a day and was on a strict diet. I ate salads, hummus with pita bread, strawberries and olives. For dinner, I had an Indian cook make daal, rice and sabzi.”

“I did my regular yoga exercises there too. I do 40 minutes of asanas and 50 surya namaskars.”

“Being fat is not sexy! Anyone who says that is talking crap. Voluptuous is sexy, but fat is out. Any woman who says she doesn’t want to be thin is talking nonsense. It’s every girl’s dream.”

Source: The Times of India