Kathy Griffin height and weight

Kathy Griffin height and weight

How tall is Kathy Griffin?

Kathy Griffin’s height is 5ft 3in (160 cm).

“…at 5 feet 3 inches tall and 115 lbs., Griffin admits, “staying in shape is a struggle. I struggle with it every day. I just came from a very healthy lunch but the whole time I was having the healthy lunch I wished I was having cupcakes. It’s not a simple thing. I have to watch what I eat and I have to work out quite a bit.” People.com, September 2009

How much does Kathy Griffin weigh?

Kathy Griffin weighs 115 lbs (52 kg).

What is Kathy Griffin’s shoe size?

Kathy Griffin’s shoe size is 7 US (37 EU).

What is Kathy Griffin’s zodiac sign?

Kathy Griffin’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

When was Kathy Griffin born?

Kathy Griffin’s birthday is on November 4, 196.

Where was Kathy Griffin born?

Kathy Griffin was born in Oak Park, Illinois, USA.

American stand-up comedian, actress and television personality, Kathy Griffin’s real name is Kathleen Mary Griffin.

Photo credit: Socialite Life.

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