Khary Payton height and weight


How tall is Khary Payton?

Khary Payton’s height is 5ft 10in (178 cm).

How much does Khary Payton weigh?

What is Khary Payton’s shoe size?

What is Khary Payton’s zodiac sign?

Khary Payton’s zodiac sign is Taurus.

When was Khary Payton born?

Khary Payton’s birthday is on May 16, 1972.

Where was Khary Payton born?

Khary Payton was born in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

American actor, Khary Payton’s real name is Khary Payton.

“My name, Khary, means “he who brings a crown to his family”. So… you know… that’s a load off my mind.”

Source: Khary Payton (@kharypayton) | Twitter

Photo credit: Brad Buckman.