Lucy Mecklenburgh height and weight

Lucy Mecklenburgh height and weight

How tall is Lucy Mecklenburgh?

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s height is 5ft 6in (168 cm).

How much does Lucy Mecklenburgh weigh?

Lucy Mecklenburgh weighs 126 lbs (57 kg).

“Now I’ve found my happy weight, though – nine stone. Last summer in Marbella, I got down to eight stone [112 pounds, 50 kg], and anxiety and stress had a lot to do with that. Even though I was eating well, the weight dropped off me.” 2014

“I think I weigh just over 8st now – 8st 2lbs, 8st 3lbs [114-116 pounds, 52-53 kg], something like that. I was about 9st 2lbs [128 pounds, 58 kg] before. I wear a dress size 6-8 now and I’m 5ft 6in.” 2013

“My favourite body part is my waist, as it’s 24 inches. My least favourite would be my legs – I used to get called ‘stumpy legs’ when I was younger because I’ve got a long body and short legs.”

Lucy Mecklenburgh on Twitter: “Keep getting loads of tweets asking where I got my boobs done etc.. Theyэre real!!!!! Good bra ;-)x”

What is Lucy Mecklenburgh’s shoe size?

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s shoe size is 5 US (35 EU).

What is Lucy Mecklenburgh’s zodiac sign?

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

When was Lucy Mecklenburgh born?

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s birthday is on August 24, 1991.

Where was Lucy Mecklenburgh born?

Lucy Mecklenburgh was born inEssex, England.

English television personality, Lucy Mecklenburgh’s real name is Lucy Mecklenburgh.

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