MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) height and weight

MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) height and weight

How tall is MGK?

MGK’s height is 6ft 4in (193 cm).

How much does MGK weigh?

What is MGK’s shoe size?

MGK’s shoe size is 12 US (45 EU).

What is MGK’s zodiac sign?

MGK’s zodiac sign is Taurus.

When was MGK born?

MGK’s birthday is on April 22, 1990.

Where was MGK born?

MGK was born in Houston, Texas, USA.

American rapper, MGK’s real name is Richard Colson Baker.

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    1. His full name is Richard Colson Baker. When not going by Machine Gun Kelly, he goes by Colson Baker

  1. Mgk is my future man!! No bs one day him and I will meet and become lovers/friends. This is one thing on my bucket list. Laugh if you want go ahead and hate, however I know it will come true . I’m not a groupy fan or thot i do admire him and out of all celebrities he is my #1! Ohio Girl

  2. It’s *Houston, Texas*. Just FYI. Yes, when he is not going by “Machine Gun Kelly”, he goes by Colson Baker, but his birth name is Richard Colson Baker. If you all like him so much you would think you would know his correct birth name, stage name, and the name he goes by when not being referred to as “Machine Gun Kelly”. Just saying. Ohio Girl, keep dreaming. You may meet him but you’ll never be in a relationship with him, let alone him loving you. He has a daughter, and she is his main priority besides his career and fans. It’s hilarious because it will NEVER come true, so keeping dreaming!

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