Manu Bennett height and weight

Manu Bennett height and weight

How tall is Manu Bennett?

Manu Bennett’s height is 5ft 10in (178 cm).

How much does Manu Bennett weigh?

Manu Bennett weighs 185 lbs (84 kg).

What is Manu Bennett’s shoe size?

What is Manu Bennett’s zodiac sign?

Manu Bennett’s zodiac sign is Libra.

When was Manu Bennett born?

Manu Bennett’s birthday is on October 10, 1969.

Where was Manu Bennett born?

Manu Bennett was born in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Australian-New Zealand actor best known for playing Crixus on the tv series Spartacus, Manu Bennett’s real name is Jonathan Manu Bennett.

Manu Bennett’s transformations for movie roles

Manu Bennett as Crixus – Spartacus (TV series) © Starz.

Gained 44 lbs (20 kg) of muscle

Manu Bennett height and weight

“When I got back down from 232 lbs [105 kg] to my normal weight, I realised what a load you have to carry to maintain it, and had a lot of mobility issues, that could have brought injuries.”

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