Manute Bol height and weight

Manute Bol height and weight

How tall was Manute Bol?

Manute Bol’s height was 7ft 7in (231 cm) and he had a 49″ (120 cm) inseam (inside leg length).

“My mother was 6ft 10in (208 cm), my father 6ft 8in (203 cm), and my sister is 6ft 8in (203 cm). And my great-grandfather was even taller – 7ft 10in (239 cm).”

How much did Manute Bol weigh?

Manute Bol weighed 201 lbs (91 kg).

What was Manute Bol’s shoe size?

Manute Bol’s shoe size was 16.5 US (50 EU).

What was Manute Bol’s zodiac sign?

Manute Bol’s zodiac sign was Libra.

When was Manute Bol born?

Manute Bol’s birthday was on October 16, 1962.

Where was Manute Bol born?

Manute Bol was born in Gogrial, Sudan.

When did Manute Bol die?

Manute Bol died on June 19, 2010 at the age of 47 in Berlin, Germany.

Sudanese-born American basketball player and one of the tallest players in the NBA history, Manute Bol’s real name was Manute Bol.

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