Marisa Miller height and weight

Marisa Miller height and weight

How tall is Marisa Miller?

Marisa Miller’s height is 5ft 8in (173 cm).

How much does Marisa Miller weigh?

Marisa Miller weighs 110 lbs (50 kg).

What are Marisa Miller’s measurements?

Marisa Miller’s measurements are: 36-23-35 (91-59-89 cm).

“I used to be shy about [my body] because I was a tomboy, but I was also a size D by the time I was 16. I’d hide my body in big T-shirts and baggy pants.”

What is Marisa Miller’s shoe size?

Marisa Miller’s shoe size is 7 US (37 EU).

What is Marisa Miller’s zodiac sign?

Marisa Miller’s zodiac sign is Leo.

When was Marisa Miller born?

Marisa Miller’s birthday is on August 6, 1978.

Where was Marisa Miller born?

Marisa Miller was born in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

American model, Marisa Miller’s real name is Marisa Lee Bertetta.

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