Marquita Pring height and weight

Marquita Pring height and weight

How tall is Marquita Pring?

Marquita Pring’s height is 5ft 11in (180 cm).

How much does Marquita Pring weigh?

What are Marquita Pring’s measurements?

Marquita Pring’s measurements are: 41-35-46 (104-89-117 cm), dress size – 14.

“It doesn’t matter what size you are, just be healthy. You can be a size 2 and be far less healthy than a person that is a size 14. There is no right or wrong size if you’re healthy and fit.”

“I work hard to maintain my size. People often think that by being a plus-size model we just let go of ourselves and have no self-control. I work harder than some of the smaller girls.”

Sources: Fashionista, Daily Mail

What is Marquita Pring’s bra size?

What is Marquita Pring’s shoe size?

Marquita Pring’s shoe size is 11 US (42 EU).

What is Marquita Pring’s zodiac sign?

Marquita Pring’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

When was Marquita Pring born?

Marquita Pring’s birthday is on July 19, 1990.

Where was Marquita Pring born?

Marquita Pring was born in Albany, New York, USA.

American plus-size model, Marquita Pring’s real name is Marquita Pring.

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