Martha Stewart height and weight

Martha Stewart height and weight

How tall is Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart’s height is 5ft 9.25in (176 cm).

How much does Martha Stewart weigh?

“I don’t weigh myself…all I do is try clothes on. Now that I can actually, wear a size 10, it’s very nice. I was wearing a size-12 jacket. I can still wear a 46 [12] jacket, but I can also wear a 42 [8]. It’s very fun.” May 9, 2005


What is Martha Stewart’s shoe size?

Martha Stewart’s shoe size is 10 US (41 EU).

What is Martha Stewart’s zodiac sign?

Martha Stewart’s zodiac sign is Leo.

When was Martha Stewart born?

Martha Stewart’s birthday is on August 3, 1941.

Where was Martha Stewart born?

Martha Stewart was born in Nutley, New Jersey, USA.

American television personality and one of the most successful self-made businesswomen of all time, Martha Stewart’s real name is Martha Helen Kostyra.

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