Melanie Griffith height and weight

Melanie Griffith height and weight

How tall is Melanie Griffith?

Melanie Griffith’s height is 5ft 9in (175 cm).

How much does Melanie Griffith weigh?

Melanie Griffith weighs 124 lbs (56 kg).

What are Melanie Griffith’s measurements?

“Melanie Griffith worn Trained Voided Velvet on Black Silk Chiffon Couture Gown by E. Galindo. Measures: 33″ bust, up to 25″ waist, up to 35″ hips.” 2000

“Melanie Griffith worn Leopard Print Stretch Dress from Dolce & Gabbana. Stretches slightly so will go up to 34″ bust, 26″ waist, up to 36″ hips best.” 2012


What is Melanie Griffith’s bra size?

What is Melanie Griffith’s shoe size?

Melanie Griffith’s shoe size is 7.5 US (38 EU).

What is Melanie Griffith’s zodiac sign?

Melanie Griffith’s zodiac sign is Leo.

When was Melanie Griffith born?

Melanie Griffith’s birthday is on August 9, 1957.

Where was Melanie Griffith born?

Melanie Griffith was born in New York City, New York, USA.

American actress, spouse – three, including Antonio Banderas (1996-2015), children – three, including Dakota Johnson, Melanie Griffith’s real name is Melanie Richards Griffith.

Photo credit: Melanie Griffith as Tess McGill – Working Girl, 1988 © 20th Century Fox.

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