Michael Chiklis height and weight

Michael Chiklis height and weight

How tall is Michael Chiklis?

Michael Chiklis’s height is 5ft 7in (170 cm).

How much does Michael Chiklis weigh?

“For years, I had to gain weight to play characters because that is where the work was for me. I gained about 40 pounds (10 kg) for “Wired”, and no sooner did I lose it all, I had to put it back on for this. At this point, I am finally old enough, and I think my look is matured enough, that I can lose the weight and keep it off. Hopefully, the work will still be there.”

What is Michael Chiklis’s shoe size?

What is Michael Chiklis’s zodiac sign?

Michael Chiklis’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

When was Michael Chiklis born?

Michael Chiklis’s birthday is on August 30, 1963.

Where was Michael Chiklis born?

Michael Chiklis was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.

American actor, Michael Chiklis’s real name is Michael Charles Chiklis.

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