Sage Steele height and weight

Sage Steele height and weight

How tall is Sage Steele?

Sage Steele’s height is 5ft 11in (180 cm).

“For a long time I thought, ‘I am 5’11” and I don’t need to wear high heels,’ but again for certain dresses – yes, you do.”

Source: It should be illigal to wear flat shoes shoes with skirts – Hollywood Reporter, March 2014

How much does Sage Steele weigh?

What is Sage Steele’s shoe size?

Sage Steele’s shoe size is 11 US (41-42 EU).

“I have huge feet. Size 11 is hard to find — help!”

Source: Us Weekly, September 2016

What is Sage Steele’s zodiac sign?

Sage Steele’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

When was Sage Steele born?

Sage Steele’s birthday is on November 28, 1972.

Where was Sage Steele born?

Sage Steele was born in Panama.

American television host, ethnicity – African-American (father), Irish, Italian (mother), Sage Steele’s real name is Sage Marie Steele.

Photo credit: Mike Moore/Getty Images.

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