Terrence Howard height and weight


How tall is Terrence Howard?

Terrence Howard’s height is 6ft 0in (183 cm).

How much does Terrence Howard weigh?

Terrence Howard weighs nearly 170-176 lbs (77-80 kg).

What is Terrence Howard’s shoe size?

What is Terrence Howard’s zodiac sign?

Terrence Howard’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

When was Terrence Howard born?

Terrence Howard’s birthday is on March 11, 1969.

Where was Terrence Howard born?

Terrence Howard was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

American actor, Terrence Howard’s real name is Terrence Dashon Howard.

Terrence Howard’s transformations for movie roles

Terrence Howard as Lt. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes – Iron Man, 2008 © Marvel Studios, Fairview Entertainment, Paramount Pictures

Lost 25 pounds (11 kg)

“I stopped eating bread and sugar just because it was putting unnecessary weight on me.”

“It’s thrown 25 pounds off of me without going to the gym. I also run maybe three miles every morning.”

Source: WENN.

Photo credit: INFdaily.