Viola Davis height and weight

Viola Davis height and weight

How tall is Viola Davis?

Viola Davis’s height is 5ft 5in (165 cm).

How much does Viola Davis weigh?

What is Viola Davis’s shoe size?

Viola Davis’s shoe size is 8.5 US (39 EU).

“Ender’s Game, 2013 – Major Gwen Anderson (Viola Davis) Dress Uniform

This costume consists of a slate blue jacket, a pair of slate blue pants, a pair of black leather Atilio Giusti Leombruni high heels (EU size 39), a slate blue cap, and a silver colored International Fleet ring.”

Source: Prop Store

What is Viola Davis’s zodiac sign?

Viola Davis’s zodiac sign is Leo.

When was Viola Davis born?

Viola Davis’s birthday is on August 11, 1965.

Where was Viola Davis born?

Viola Davis was born in Saint Matthews, South Carolina, USA.

American actress, Viola Davis’s real name is Viola Davis.

Photo credit: David Crane/Los Angeles Daily News/

Weight loss & gain for movie roles

The Help, 2011 © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Gained 25 lbs (11 kg)

Viola Davis height and weight

“I had to gain 25 pounds during The Help and then I was padded. I gained weight by eating Mississippi food. They fry the butter before they put it on the bread and then they fry the bread.”

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