Hillary Clinton height and weight

Hillary Clinton height and weight

How tall is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton’s height is 5ft 5-6in (165-168 cm).

How much does Hillary Clinton weigh?

Hillary Clinton weighs nearly 132 lbs (60 kg).

What is Hillary Clinton’s shoe size?

Hillary Clinton’s shoe size is 7.5 US (38 EU).

What is Hillary Clinton’s zodiac sign?

Hillary Clinton’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

When was Hillary Clinton born?

Hillary Clinton’s birthday is on October 26, 1947.

Where was Hillary Clinton born?

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

American politician and the wife of the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton, political party – Democratic, Hillary Clinton’s real name is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

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  1. Very cute. Classic for that era. I’m aware Hillary has had this goal since she was a young girl. We support the Clinton family. God Bless their family.

    1. Chelsea beautiful? Really? I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a perfect fit there!

      1. She wears them to cover the Kevlar vest she must wear because of the frequent death threats she receives. I see your hatred blinds you to reality but more open minded people could look at photos of Hillary with her new grandson in Chelsea’s hospital room. She was not wearing the bulletproof vest at that time and it’s apparent Hillary Clinton is not obese, those of us fortunate enough to have met her in person know she’s actually of rather a small build.

    1. I didn’t think so! She is our next president…and just big enough for the job! God love them all…..all the Clinton’s.

  2. Sorry. Hillary Clinton’s ASS is 132 lbs. Was this written when she was in college a million years ago?

  3. So you can be so critical of HRC… what about The Donald? His bloated face obscures his features, and he definitely has a pot gut.

    How many of you are perfect? Remember glass houses.

    1. Well that saying fits Hilary so well ! She should have stopped throwing stones many years ago!

  4. Hillary gota be a duce, 200 lbs. If elected she will balloon. She will trade the pantsuits for a moomoo. It’s not pretty.

  5. What difference how tall and how much she weighs. Before it was her hair and what she weighs. GROW UP AMERICA! Our country is going down hill, we need higher paying jobs!!

  6. How could anyone believe Hillary weighs 132 pounds? Well maybe the people who believe the rest of her lies will.

  7. Hillary is probably about 180-190lbs. Her girth is significant, and she can barely walk. She really needs to lose some weight, or she will have more health problems.

      1. Her campaign has decided to make an issue of Trumps’ weight. Yes, the press is obviously a part of her campaign, there is no denying that any more.

        If they ask Trump, they must ask Hillary. If they don’t the are not treating Hillary fairly as equals.
        President Trump, we the Deplorables salute you, Sir!

  8. I am over weight & working on losing it. She is 4 inches taller than me & is at least 200lbs. I am 55 with great blood work, my dr. told me lose the weight or it will effect my health & show up in blood test. She is much older & needs to lose weight for her health. Easily 200+

  9. Who are you kidding?! Lol!!! 5’6″ and 132 lbs?! She’s closer to 5’3″ and she’s well north of 200 pounds. Get real, you’re as delusional as she is!

  10. Who ever is not in the White House in January could be the next contestant on The Biggest Loser. Double Whammy!!

  11. The Clinton campaign has opened yet another can of worms by asking for Trumps’ weight.

    As the woman who is demanding equality, here goes: You look unhealthily fat, Hillary. If Trump must reveal his weight, you must reveal yours. Since you have a track record of being a known liar, to the point of being a sociopath, forgive me if I don’t take you at your word.

    132lbs?? Bahahahahaha! Maybe without your ankles….

  12. Why are we even questioning what either one of them weighs? So many other issues of importance here!! All this classless pettiness is ridicules! What’s happening here?

  13. I get the part about a person’s weight visually appearing greater than it is because they are wearing a “bullet proof vest”. What I don’t get is why does she need one? Why would anyone want to kill her? Isn’t she a “supposedly” exceptionally good person. I mean my next door neighbor does not want to kill me, but suppose if I kept throwing my garbage or trash in his yard, that may change. So does anyone have an intelligent answer to this that they would like to share? You know like “live in peace”.

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