Amazon Eve height and weight

Amazon Eve height and weight

How tall is Amazon Eve?

Amazon Eve’s height is 6ft 7.5in (202 cm).

How much does Amazon Eve weigh?

Amazon Eve weighs 205 lbs (93 kg).

What are Amazon Eve’s measurements?

Amazon Eve’s measurements are: 42-31-42 (107-79-107 cm), biceps – 13” (33 cm), inseam – 40” (102 cm).

What is Amazon Eve’s bra size?

Amazon Eve’s bra size is 38D.

What is Amazon Eve’s shoe size?

Amazon Eve’s shoe size is 14 US (47 EU).

What is Amazon Eve’s zodiac sign?

Amazon Eve’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

When was Amazon Eve born?

Amazon Eve’s birthday is on February 23, 1980.

Where was Amazon Eve born?

Amazon Eve was born in Turlock, California, USA.

American transgender model, fitness trainer and actress also known as “the world’s tallest model”, Amazon Eve’s real name is Erika Ervin (born William Ervin).

“I used to be a man. My former name was William. I transitioned from male to female back in 2004.”

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  1. Well, I guess whatever brings you the most joy in life..Kicker, I would have never guessed you went from M to F. Great surgery. Glad to read your brains are your #1 asset in your career tho’ braun is a healthy #2. It’s gotta be hell being takin’ seriously @ any extremely tall hght. guy or girl. Especially if you don’t want to fit into someone elses template! P.S. You & your brunette friend make a cute “couple” if I may.