Bob Marley height and weight

Bob Marley height and weight

How tall was Bob Marley?

Bob Marley’s height was 5ft 7in (170 cm).

“He wasn’t tall, maybe five feet seven or five feet eight – thin, but solid. He wore sneakers. He looked healthy to me.”

Source: Vanity Fair

How much did Bob Marley weigh?

Bob Marley weighed neary 145 lbs (66 kg).

What was Bob Marley’s shoe size?

What was Bob Marley’s zodiac sign?

Bob Marley’s zodiac sign was Aquarius.

When was Bob Marley born?

Bob Marley’s birthday was on February 6, 1945.

Where was Bob Marley born?

Bob Marley was born in Nine Miles, St. Ann, Jamaica.

When did Bob Marley die?

Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 at the age of 36 in Miami, Florida, USA.

Jamaican musician known as The King of Reggae, ethnicity – English (father), Afro-Jamaican (mother), Bob Marley’s real name was Robert Nesta Marley.

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