Bud Spencer height and weight

Bud Spencer height and weight

How tall was Bud Spencer?

Bud Spencer’s height was 6ft 3.5in (192 cm).

How much did Bud Spencer weigh?

Bud Spencer weighed 275-341 lbs (125-155 kg).

What was Bud Spencer’s shoe size?

Bud Spencer’s shoe size was 14 US (47 EU).

What was Bud Spencer’s zodiac sign?

Bud Spencer’s zodiac sign was Scorpio.

When was Bud Spencer born?

Bud Spencer’s birthday was on October 31, 1929.

Where was Bud Spencer born?

Bud Spencer was born in Naples, Campania, Italy.

When did Bud Spencer die?

Bud Spencer died on June 27, 2016 at the age of 86 in Rome, Italy.

Italian actor best known for his films with Terence Hill, Bud Spencer’s real name was Carlo Pedersoli.

Photo credit: They Call Me Trinity, 1970 © Delta, AVCO Embassy Pictures.

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