Caligula height and weight

Caligula height and weight

How tall was Caligula?

Suetonius: “He was very tall and extremely pale, with an unshapely body, but very thin neck and legs. His eyes and temples were hollow, his forehead broad and grim, his hair thin and entirely gone on the top of his head, though his body was hairy.”

Seneca the Younger: “He was bald, with stray hairs drawn down over his forehead to conceal his baldness; his livid complexion bore witness to the disorder of his mind; he had the wrinkled brow of an old woman, and deep set under it wild and ferocious eyes. His neck was hairy, his legs slender, and his feet enormous.”

How much did Caligula weigh?

What was Caligula’s shoe size?

What was Caligula’s zodiac sign?

Caligula’s zodiac sign was Virgo.

When was Caligula born?

Caligula’s birthday was on August, 31 AD 12.

Where was Caligula born?

Caligula was born in Antium (modern Anzio and Nettuno), Italy.

When did Caligula die?

Caligula died on January 24, AD 41 at the age of 28 in Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy.

Roman emperor (AD 37-AD 41), Caligula’s real name was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

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