Chrissy Metz height and weight

Chrissy Metz height and weight

How tall is Chrissy Metz?

Chrissy Metz’s height is 5ft 4in (163 cm).

Source: Acting Resume

How much does Chrissy Metz weigh?

Chrissy Metz weighs nearly 400 lbs (181 kg).

What is Chrissy Metz’s shoe size?

What is Chrissy Metz’s zodiac sign?

Chrissy Metz’s zodiac sign is Libra.

When was Chrissy Metz born?

Chrissy Metz’s birthday is on September 29, 1980.

Where was Chrissy Metz born?

Chrissy Metz was born in Homestead, Florida, USA.

American actress, Chrissy Metz’s real name is Christine M. Metz.

Photo credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images.

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    1. It takes only an incredible amount of determination. Discipline and self will….and maturity because it us not a joke. There has to b a point you look in the mirror or feel the fat around your waist to develop self. Control. Once you do that its easy. It takes creativity to make low calorie apple pie..substitute things with taste. Fat people are emotionally immature
      . i lost a good deal of weight and kept it off so i know from what i speak.

      1. What about people that have gained weight because of a medical condition or because of the medication can you tell the difference between them and the person that just eats too much?

        1. The whole “it’s a medical condition” thing is largely a ruse designed to excuse the obese for what is really a lack ofself-restraint on their part. Scientifically-speaking, less than 10% of morbid obesity is attributable to a medical origin.

          1. Go and google images of crowds of people in the 1960’s. It is actually hard to spot obese people. Now, the majority are seriously overweight or obese. What happened to the so-called medical conditions of fat people in the 60’s? The problem is not just self-control, but also all the crap they put into processed food to trick us into eating more of it.

          2. Unless you have a medical degree to back that, shut up. Theres lots of reasons for people being over weight besides the few that are over eaters. Its rare there is anyone was really is height weight proportionate since those numbers are very unrealistic.

      2. There are more addictions than just drugs. And it is not always that easy. I have struggled with weight for over 30 yrs. And it’s not as simple as looking in the mirror

      3. Ok as***e. So people that have a documented medical condition are emotionally immature too?

        1. What documented medical conditions cause morbid obesity? Name a few please. I’m not being an a $, l would really like to know.

      1. Some medication like steroids / prednisone and gabapentin. Debilitating and disabling spinal conditions or pain issues like fibromyalgia or autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can cause people to be bedridden. Failed spinal surgeries and arachnoiditis resulting in lifelong pain and disability can prevent ability to shop and cook healthy food. Until you have this, you don’t “get” it.

    2. I am a very fit, athletic older guy who has exercised most of my life. I am just 2 inches shorter than her and weigh almost 1/4 of what she does (123 pounds), which I find astounding, cannot imagine how she is still alive.

    3. Chrissy Metz. You are a beautiful woman. However, I am concerned about your health. Please take good care of yourself. God bless you!

    4. She is beautiful but yes for her health it would be good to drop some pounds the healthy way wight watchers

        1. True, but she is very unhealthy. I really feel her struggle though. Food is very addicting. But her life is in jeopardy.

        1. She may have a pretty face and a pretty soul, but there is nothing pretty about being at least 250 lbs overweight. And for the public and viewing audience to continue giving her and others like her their approval is just wrong. Her close friends, family and coworkers need to tell her it is dangerous for her health.

          1. Oh please. You think she doesn’t know it’s unhealthy? It’s one aspect of her. 90% of people walking around have some sort of unhealthy habit or condition, you just can’t see it on the outside. For example, some people are judgmental, which leads to bitterness and an unhappy life, which leads to premature death. You just can’t see it by looking at them.

          2. I don’t think anyone needs to tell her. I’m sure she is well aware!

          3. I have to agree. To promote something so unhealthy, under the ruse of fame, getting an emmy, etc, it’s just wrong.

        2. There is more to beauty than looks. However, the reality is that beauty serves a purpose as a signal for a healthy partner for making babies. Fat is ugly because it is a sign of ill health, physical and maybe even mental ill health. Avoid dating addicts, that includes food addicts, unless you are willing to endure the morbidity and mortality that goes along. Pass.

          1. Pass? Snort. Is anyone asking you to accept anything? I seriously doubt Chrissy Metz is.

        3. There may be more to a great friend, there may be more to the best sister ever, there may be more to a nice neighbor, but there is nothing more to beauty than personal looks

        1. I agree. Let’s look back at the overweight actors who died very young. This is not what we want for this gorgeous woman.

      1. You can be beautiful at any weight and ugly when you are an average weight.

      1. Why when these readers tell the truth, which is nothing to be shamed, some of you call them names! If it was your wife or sister or friend, would you want to put their life in jeopardy by telling them that being that heavy is ok? Getting her feelings hurt is not as bad as dying the 36.

        1. That’s right! Just like some parents don’t believe in spankings but I tell the parents. “Wouldn’t you rather me pop their hands or let them get burned?! I totally agree with you!

          1. Id rather you accept me for me than my outside. It is not your job to criticize someone. Treating like they are stupid by pointing out things like health risks which they already know is just being mean and hateful. These are not stupid people. Dont treat them as such.

    1. She might be morbidity obese but she sure has more class and makes more money than u. If she is comfortable with herself than leave her alone

      1. Class and riches mean nothing when you die young from obesity related diseases. This sends people who struggle with weight the wrong message. You wouldn’t tell a crack head to do more crack as to not hurt their feelings, why would you tell a morbidly obese person abusing food is ok? Reality check, people are tired of disfuntion and unhealthiness being shoved down our throats to fit a PC AGENDA! This is social fascism.

          1. That actually is not mean, but it is true and sad that everyone seems to think it’s ok to weigh 400 lbs. it definitely is not OK

        1. Right? I can’t wait for it to be socially acceptable for me to excuse myself from the table to go pIke after dinner cuz I wanna stay thin…all this p.c.? Chick’s with Dicks? This girl just wants to vomit!

        2. Right on, I agree…to tell obese people they are “beautiful just the way they are” is a disservice to them, as the more they hear it, the less incentive they have to get healthy.

          1. and to make them think there is something wrong them because they have some extra weight is? A disservice? Big people dont ask for your opinion and its rude to give unsolicited rude advice. It serves no purpose but to fuel your own stupid ego. Back off and leave them alone.

        3. There is a HUGE difference between an illegal drug abuser and an overweight person (who may or may not have a food addiction)! You don’t need to take crack to survive; you DO need to eat! Most addictions are treated with total abstinence. You can’t do that with a food addiction!

      2. Actress or not, money or not this is a sad, pitiable human being destined for an early grave if she does not change her lifestyle.

        1. Always someone trying to tell someone else how to live their life. Try to fix your own problems first. Another don’t do as I do, do as I say. Another fake I’am worried about her health to cover your hate! of fat people.

    2. But like, how is she celebrating her weight? She’s just a person doing what people do…

    3. Finally someone has the backbone to state the obvious. I mean shes not just “plus sized” shes enormous

      1. and you are an idiot but we still deal with you. Id rather have an overweight person to deal with then someone who looks down at people for being overweight.

  1. I think its about time someone finally is letting the world know obese people are human beings that have a heart and mind and God created all I feel sorry for the narrow minded people that are so ignorant to the fact that obesity is a disease I pray for those people .

        1. im sure she is not a walmart shopper. She can afford nicer things than that. Can you?

    1. sorry honey – your god didnt create fat people . they created themselves but we have to pick up the tab for their bad health habits .

      1. Some people do have thyroid issues and other health conditions that make it very difficult to lose weight. Women with PCOS have a big hurdle to jump as it takes at least four times as much effort to lose weight as it does a ‘healthy’ woman! While overweight or obese people may not be healthy, I’m sure no one here (or anywhere else for that matter) is perfect. We all have our demons, roadblocks, burdens.

        1. As an registered dietitian Nutritionist, I have seen many people like Chrissy get medical and psychological support to reach a healthy, non life threatening weight. She can definitely take advantage of this help IF SHE CHOOSES.

        2. Statistically, less than 10% of obesity is attributable to a medical origin…this tired, old red herring has been around forever…look it up.

        3. Very true! We should all wear our sins or failings on our sleeve for everyone to see like the obese person lives with daily. None of us is perfect but the obese persons problem is evident for every asshole to diss!

        1. How do you pick up the tab for ugly, horrible, worthless, judgemental pricks such as yourself?! Do tell ya piece of sh**!!

        2. We all do! They charge more for Arline tickets because of fat people. You can’t buy healthy food because fat people love to eat so poorly, therefore healthy food is more expensive. I mean there are 1000’s of ways that obesity effects our financial world honey!

    2. Very unheathly and not something to celebrate. This is not ok and wrong on so many levels. It is ok to be this weight and let children think it is.

    3. She is obese. It is an addiction. I pray that she finds the continued strength to become healthier. Until then, an amazing, heartfelt actress. Warm, human and loved.

    4. No one said she or others like her are not human beings, but this is dangerous and should not be celebrated! Just as anorexia is not celebrated or encouraged, then neither should morbid obesity!

  2. We are who we are on the inside. The rest is just our cover. Whether Chrissy is overweight in your eyes means nothing about who she is. She knows her size. She is beautiful.

  3. Good actress. I just hope her weight doesnt shorten her life too much. Your friends and family want you to be around a long time.

    1. If only she had as much self-control over her eating as she has “courage in pursuing her dreams” , maybe she would not weigh 400 pounds.

  4. I love seeing an obese person playing an otherwise normal character. So much of the time, obese people are portrayed as uneducated, lazy, fools who are the butt of every joke. I think Chrissy Metz has beautiful coloring, and striking facial features – good for her for following her dreams into an acting career!

    1. Amen. And I’m appy to hear she is trying to lose weight and become healthier. She is absolutely beatiful no matter what.

    2. Humpty-Dumpty had striking facial features too, but I wouldn’t want to be as fat as he was, either.

        1. You reap what you sow. Your negative and hate filled judgments only invite the same. RISE ABOVE!

  5. lol… someone always has something to say when on internet, by phone, behind someones back or the best when they are far away from them… so there isn’t that chance of getting that slap in the face… run, run, run your mouth that’s all i have to say…. BRUTAL…. lol

  6. After reading some of these very ignorant, rude, and out right uninformed posting not sure how they were intelligent enough to climb out the shallow end of the gene pool!

  7. I am 100 pounds less then her at 303 and 5’6 inches tall I am scared and doing everything to lose weight. This is not okay it is scarey 400 pounds

    1. I was once 305 at 5′-7.” I understand the pain and frustration.

      I finally found my secret to shedding the weight. I only eat 2 meals a day; a brunch after noon, a nut and fruit snack, and dinner. I follow a Paleo autoimmune program which was mainly for pain and fibromyalgia .The bonus was dropping 90 pounds in 9 months! It is very restrictive but worth it. Lower pain levels, fewer migraines, better sleep, and more energy. Eggs were one of my migraine triggers.

      I had to go off everything but meat, minimal fruit, and veggies, sans nightshade veggies (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, etc.). Sweet potatoes are fine. I can now have most seeds and their spices and 3 nuts: almonds, pecans and macadamias. I waited 5 months before trying anything back in. I also do ok with white rice in moderation, but no other grains.

      I have dropped weight in stages over several years so this last big drop put me at my goal of 155 pounds, which I have maintained for 3 months now. The only draw backs: very cold now and lots of loose skin draped from arms, legs and tummy. My back is much better for it.

      I only hope everyone, trying their hardest to lose weight, finds their optimum diet like I did!

      1. I’ve gained a lot of weight due to a brain tumor:( im looking foward to have a stomach bypass soon.

        1. Children can be the worst, they can be cruel and vicious to other kids, the taunting and teasing can have a lasting impact on another child. Many of these childhood bullies grow up to be just as rude adults trolling the internet looking for people to insult and belittle. Chrissy Metz has a boyfriend who is not ashamed to be seen with a 400lb woman, so what’s my point?, there are men who appreciate plus sized woman so don’t let the ignorance of a few bullies ruin your day.

      2. Where can I find out info on the plan you followed? I also suffer from Fibromyalgia & weight issues.

  8. Did people say the same thing about Chris Farley? John Candy? Louie Anderson? John Goodman? How come it’s only “terrible” to celebrate the careers of obese women? Get over it. 1/3 of the country looks more like her than Mandy Moore.

      1. Eexactly the point she’s probably going to die earlier than she should no one should celebrate that they should help her

  9. She is beautiful and a very talented actor! Fat shaming shows signs of low self esteem/no self worth, and low intelligence.

    1. Ya, if she drops a couple hundred maybe that will be your inspiration to drop the Volkswagens attached to your ass too

    1. No, we just find fat chicks uninspiring. It’s difficult to be enthusiastic about someone you’re not attracted to. But I’m sure you heard that alot!!

  10. I found these comments extremely interesting – and telling of the kind of people we have in this world.
    The hipocracy abounds.

    Here are some things that are not beautiful:
    1) Meanness
    2) Rudeness
    3) Cruelty

    As for the person who said she should not be “celebrated” because of her weight, and saying how it is unhealthy – I ask myself, do you say that about all the unhealthy “famous” people who are celebrated. The ones who smoke, do drugs, drink too much, sleep around without protection, drive recklessly …

    Excesses fat is worn on the outside- so it is easy to criticize – but people do unhealthy things all the time that you might just not see – they are just spared some of the public shame.

    So- on to being considerate. She is a solid actress from what I’ve seen so far- and I hope she leads and long and happy life.

    1. news flash, none of the other celebrities are celebrated either. NO unhealthy habits should be celebrated.

      Celebrities are just people… She’s an unhealthy, morbidly obese human being. Hope your “hopes” and well wishes tack some years onto her life.

  11. I have had a weight problem all my life. I am not saying her weight is healthy. Neither is starving, drugging, drinking to an excess. Nor is it healthy to be mean and critical of anyone/thing that doesn’t seem perfect. We are who we are and it sure would be boring if all of us were the same size, color, personality. Stand on your pedestal, haters, and let the world judge you and see is everyone thinks you are flawless!

  12. She is gorgeous on so many ways …. I love her! I know she will lose the weight for her role in the show and rock that shit like a boss!! You go girl xoxo

  13. She has to weigh nearly 450 I would speculate. I’m not pro obesity nor am I anti fat. I just believe she should be treated with some class. To those of you who said she is running up the tab on health bills, do you smoke cigarettes? Hmm. Seems counterintuitive. You have a beautiful body because you have the charisma to display you as you. Not disguise it with fake features like other Hollywood starlets do. #steelernation loves your show. ??

  14. I think she is beautiful no matter what she weighs. I’ve been fat and thin and I am the same inside no matter my size. There is so much hate in the world already…

  15. Just because your not overweight, doesn’t automatically make you healthy! There can be people that have a high metabolism so they don’t work out or eat healthy that can have a short life span as well, just because people are obese doesn’t necessarily mean they die young!! I’ve known skinny, young people to have heart attacks or bi/triple bypass surgeries!!

  16. Anecdotal evidence proves nothing. Statistics prove that morbidly obese people suffer from many health problems, and die much earlier than the general population. It is not fat shaming to encourage people to be healthier.

    1. You’re a dumbass, Farley, candy, belushi ALL took nonstop shit for being fat.

      They were also send depricating

  17. I don’t think its healthy. I don’t quite understand on the show Toby&Kate talk about having sex. It must be very difficult with 2 really obese people.

  18. People judge and look down on fat people because they view them as “mentally weak individuals”.

  19. I am a 51 year old over weight woman! Does this mean I am unhealthy? No ! I am not diabetic, don’t have high blood pressure, don’t have high cholesterol and I have a healthy heart. I don’t over eat and most days I hardly eat. I do have other health issues ( multiple sclerosis is one of them) and you don’t get that from being overweight. I guess what I am trying to say is that before you judge someone on their weight , stop and think ! Not everyone that is overweight,fat,obese or whatever you want to call it, sits around all day eating! That would be like all of us “fat” people saying that everyone that is skinny is anorexic,bulimic or a druggie.

  20. I have been over weight for 24 years. I had 3 babies and. Gained weight Everytime and never lost it. I am Extremely self contious about my weight. I know am not great looking. 8 years ago my 38 year old husband died of heart disease. He was 6’1 and 180 pounds he ran every day and 8 healthy. He was ex-military and always take very good care of himself. I gained a lot of weight in these last year’s. I recently dropped 40 pounds. I am 5’9 and 330 and. I had no idea how I got to 370. I want to a Dr. I knéw I wasn’t active but I also am not lazy. My secret to 40 pluus pounds in 2 months is that I eat 3 meals now. Hen realize that for eight years I was only eating dinner and just a very moderate dinner. I just wasn’t really interested in eating all the time I think some people during depression don’t eat well I just only had one big meal a day. So I absolutely had zero metabolism. Now, I get up breakfast lunch and I have dinner same kind of food I ate it dinner for years salad chicken vegetable. So not everybody’s weight gain is always from overeating just wasn’t eating you think that that makes you lose weight but in my case it didn’t my first week of eating three meals I lost 10 pounds now it’s 3 to 4 pounds a week. I looked up to see how much Chrissy ways to compare myself to her because she doesn’t look good and everything’s around her middle and I’m like do I look like that. Of course she’s beautiful no way she’s going to say she’s not and she’s probably the nicest person ever want to meet. My will never believe people are actually happy being super heavy it’s just an excuse. I don’t think people are lazy cuz they’re overweight. That’s my personal opinion. I think people just don’t know what to do and don’t have the energy to do anything.

  21. I have lipolymphedema. At menopuse and after a hysterectomy I started gaining weight- went to diet doecuskudt a- thyroid checks- I eat almost nothing. Last few years lipodema got worse and I have asymmetrical fat. I was always thin so this is freaking me out. I am 5 foot 2 and weight 199 but I my body has what is called lipomas – thank god clothes hide that. I found a dr who treats thus- I have lymphatic drainage massage- eat tiny healthy meals exercise as much as I can with fibro and osteo arth- walk stairs a few times a day.
    For a Cain person who lived my body I feel like a freak- abd I cannot stand carrying this excess wright- I have NO sympathy for people who are healthy and eat themselves into an early death. She is a bad role model and in my opinion she suffers from mental illness and should be in therapy.
    For lipolymphedema liposuction is only safe in Europe . Lipo fat is different from normal fat cells. I wish the surgeons in the US could do it- I want to be a size 14! This from a Ronan whose normal size was 6-8 and sore bikinis most of my life. I pity that actress but she is a fool and better wake up and lose wright before she gets a sudden heart attack.

  22. She’s beautiful the way she is and it shouldn’t matter what she looks like she is talented.

  23. One must always consider the consequeses of their decisions in life.
    If eating massive amounts of food, not exercising, and dying at a young age is fine with her than who are we to criticize….Just ask John Candy.

  24. A drug addict doesn’t HAVE to do drugs, an alcoholic doesn’t HAVE to drink, but- you HAVE to eat. So, you are constantly around your addiction- no way to escape it, whereas drugs and alcohol, you can distance yourself from it.. AND it’s called an addiction for a reason. There are those who say it’s a lack of self control,will power, weakness- how incredibly lucky are they that they do not suffer from addiction. At a minimum, at the very least- try to understand and quit judging what you feel so superior to. Get on your knees and Thank God that you are fortunate to be free of addiction.

  25. I think that she is beautiful but she truly does need to lose weight. Not for me or you,,,I am overweight myself and I know how hard it is to lose weight. I pray for her, myself and all others that struggle with their weight .

  26. Judge not lest you be judged. We all have our battles that we face in our lives, some are more public ie: weight. To judge someone’s value by how much they weigh is shallow and petty. We should not celebrate Chrissy’s weight, but celebrate the person that she is. We should all be encouragers, that is what is most helpful when someone is facing a life struggle, hatred, judgement and down right meanness is of no benefit to anyone.
    Remember the Golden Rule………….

  27. Yeah celebrating diversity is beautiful but celebrating a dangerous lifestyle is terrible! She needs to lose weight or we will be watching one less cast member from “this is us”. I love her and I think she’s beautiful but she doesn’t look healthy.

  28. Young athletes die from heart attacks everyday with less than 10% body fat so stfu and leave her alone. I’m sure your opinion doesn’t pay her fuqn bills. She’s beautiful and unbothered.

  29. Just saw that green dress, all I can think is she is f’in HUGE
    not a “healthy” or nice thing to look at

  30. her face is pretty but her body is gross. there is nothing pretty about obese fat. anyone that calls me a name for this true comment is fat. obesity costs us all in medical care costs and scooters they ride around the grocery aisles in.

  31. I would tell her what I told my dear friend (who is now dead). “You are morbidly obese and I don’t want to lose you.” “What can I do to help you lose the weight?” She just couldn’t overcome her addiction. It is an addiction and that is the sadness. And unlike other addictions you can’t stop eating. You have to eat to live. Lifting you up Ms. Chrissy in hopes that some day you own that you are worth it!

    1. i have tried to help others who were morbidly obese and what i learned is that you have to go real slow. not only walking but explaining what happened and how you can help them. They have been at this a long time and know all the tricks out there. For example: i asked my friend who is 100 lbs overweight to go for a walk with me. within 1 minute she was complaining about blisters on her heals and when we looked there weren’t any. She doesn’t want to walk. it’s taking me awhile to figure out what will motivate her. I was 40 lbs overweight and what motivated me was the mirror and high school pics.

  32. I find it funny how everyone feels the need to tell her how to live her life or how she should eat. Worry about yourselves and let her live her life the way she wants because it is her life, not yours. Yes she could die from being overweight, but any of us could die from something today, tomorrow or next year. When it’s our time to go, than there is no stopping it. I have seen extremely healthy people die at a young age from heart attacks or even a stroke. It’s not our choice ok how others should live their lives….worry about yourselves

    1. It is our business. People who don’t eventually get it together and get healthy are costing us billions of dollars. It’s a national crisis more serious than terrorism. There’s simply not enough money to provide these people with healthcare and normal weight people with health care. Some will have to go without. It’s horribly selfish to not admit your are burdening society by staying morbidly obese.

      1. @can’ttakestupid: this is not a police state. Are you going to shame and legislate every activity that ‘burdens’ health care. What about smoking, drinking, driving a car, getting cancer from toxins, sky diving…Don’t be ridiculous. Underweight people who excercise die from heart failure too. I was overweight until I paid for sensitivity testing. No ‘paid for’ testing could show why I always sick. Turns out, I was overweight from grain and dairy allergies. As soon as I went to a grain and dairy free diet, the weight just melted off. The cause of my becoming food sensitive is all the GMO and chemicals in our food. I think we should start there. Stop all the crap that they are now putting in our food. Much bigger burden on our health care.

  33. Fat shaming is logical. However, shaming (or judging someones character) is a poor way to promote positive healthy behavior.

  34. I truly believe that people are born with certain amount of fat cells. Why else would you see a 2 year old toddler weighing twice her size? You can’t say she has no will power, not at that age. So why is she so heavy? It’s all in the person’s jeans and their metabolism. I can eat the same thing as a friend of mine and I’ll gain weight while she stays slim.

  35. You will never in your life see someone her size at like Betty Whites age…..they just don’t make it

    1. So true. Look at retirement communities, assisted living facilities and even nursing homes. It’s extremely rare to find anyone over 75 who is obese.

  36. At birth we ALL weigh basically the same….difference is how their moms start off feeding them.

    1. False and downright stupid. Why are some sibings close in age morbily obese and others normal weight?

  37. I just lost 45 lbs. I need to lose 45 more. She does not LOOK beautiful. I’m sure she is beautiful in many other ways. Would you tell a Meth Addict who was NOT in recovery she LOOKED beautiful because she put on a bunch of make up to cover up the scars om her face from where she picked at her skin until it bled due to the effects of the meth? Would you tell an alcoholic who is NOT in recovery they have their stuff together because they stayed sober for one event?

    Saying she LOOKS beautiful is as irresponsible as encouraging addicts to continue their addiction because everything looks fine at a specific moment.

    There are jackholes here being nasty amd mean. That’s not me. I want people to understamd that fat acceptance is identical to heroin addiction acceptance, alcoholism acceptance, etc. You don’t have to be mean, but you shouldn’t accept it because you’re encouraging potentially fatal lifestyle choices when you accept obesity.

    Think of someone else besides yourself for once. You all are just saying she LOOKS beautiful becuase it allows you to pat yourself on the back and think about how tolerant and enlightened you are.

  38. I just want to thank you Chrissy for giving me. (330lbs) A few minutes a week (in this fat hating world) to think that I might be worthy of being loved, have a man adore me, family and friends treasure me etc.
    People, Your words do hurt, and we hear them. And it is a sad day indeed when the majority of women have to feel like failures day in and day out. Your negative energy is fueling the war on obesity. Self hatred (or hatred of any kind) will not heal an addiction. I have also observed that every person I have ever had say any thing rude about my weight…I have seen them fat down the road. Your are showing your own self hating fat fear when you say school yard fat stuff. You know, grow up….We are all worthy whether we are healthy or not.

  39. Well tonight is my first night watching the show and I fell in love with her because she reminds me of myself. The same height, same weight, both heavier in the mid section, we’re both libras. And were both extremely beautiful. Being overweight don’t always comes from food. I have health issues and the doctors act like freaking steroids is the only thing they can give me ughh!

  40. Boy am I chiming in late! Man, Ray… Ur being a douche. Medical expenses for the morbidly obese are no higher than expenses for the elderly and invalids etc. U seem more disgruntled because some people carry around more weight & need help with it

  41. This is sad…im sure she is well aware of her health situation…hence the fact that she is working on fixing that aspect…the sad part of this whole thing is seeing all the comments of negativity and realizing that most of these comments come from parents which also means we can sadly say we now know how kids begin cyber bullying because they watch there parents do it…tearing someone down who has a weight issue accomplishes what? Except make you look like a complete a&&. Why not give words of encouragement instead of judgement…no one is celebrating her obesity…they are celebrating her courage for putting her vulnerabilites and sruggle out there for everyone to see…what message is she sending our children???? Not that being overweight and unhealthy is ok…but that no matter what you can do anything you set your mind to and never let the thoughts of anyone else ever hold you back from your dreams…the key to this whole thing is she is working on getting healthy and maybe just maybe if others struggling to lose weight will see her getting healthier and gain strength from her to accomplish the same….people are so quick to judge…..but post anonomously on a blog hidden away from the world where as she doesnt need to hide despite how unhealthy she is.

  42. just freaking get some motivation and stick to a 2000 calorie a day schedule, 3 meals a day, get some exercise and stop freaking overeating. get another hobby!!!

  43. there has to be some psychological reason for her obesity. To eat that much food day by day is a lot of food. When i weighed 40 lbs more it was because of getting processed food ie pizza or any fast food available. She has the money and can afford to hire a nutritionist. Denial is hard and at this point she needs help from others and can’t do it alone.

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