Donald Trump height and weight

Donald Trump height and weight

How tall is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s height is 6ft 2in (188 cm).

How much does Donald Trump weigh?

Donald Trump weighs 236 lbs (107 kg).

Source: The Dr. Oz Show, September 15, 2016.

What is Donald Trump’s shoe size?

Donald Trump’s shoe size is 12 US (45 EU).

What is Donald Trump’s zodiac sign?

Donald Trump’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

When was Donald Trump born?

Donald Trump’s birthday is on June 14, 1946.

Where was Donald Trump born?

Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York City, USA.

The 45th President of the United States, political party – Republican, he is married to Melania Trump, children – five, including Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump’s real name is Donald John Trump, Sr.

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  1. It looks to me as though Mr. Donald John Trump Sr. has gained some weight.
    I saw him recently on a t.v. show and he appears to be more than 198lbs, could you update the article to include his current weight please. Watch your weight Mr. Trump.

        1. I was 6′ 2″ at 205lbs now 6′ 0″ at 221lbs not to bad with 44 years of eating the wrong foods finally went on Dr. Pericone diet lost 25lbs by eliminating certain food groups. RCL

      1. Jeb Bush TOWERS over Donald Trump. Jeb Bush is 6’3″. Next to Jeb, Trump looks more like 5’11”

          1. Hen is def not 6’7. Trump was about 5′ 11. When I met him in the early 89’s as well as when I saw him in the nineties

          2. True — Jeb Bush is between 6’5″ – 6’7″
            I am 5’2″ & standing next to Jeb; I look like a 5 year old child.
            His wife, Colomba, is also very short and looks 1/2 Jeb’s height.

          3. More like 286 he’s going to look great in an orange jumpsuit I can’t wait

        1. Trump was 6’2″ in college. He’s 70 yrs old, so he cannot still be 6’2″. We all shrink as we age. Maybe 5’10 or 5’11. His son Eric supposed to be 6’5″ towers over him. If you calculate his BMI using 5’11” & 236 lbs, he’s considered obese. The stuff he eats, I am surprised he’s only on cholesterol meds.(if true).

          1. Dont be dumb, President Trump Is 6’2.
            And perfect just like his family!

          2. I don’t buy this we all shrink with age. I have always been 5’10” and now at age 62, with VERY poor health and several years when I could not even walk, and according to the doctor at my most recent physical, I am still 5’10”!!! PLUS his height and weight was done on the Dr. Phil show. He doesn’t seem like the kind of man who would lie for anyone!!

          3. Even at 6’2″, a weight of 236 still puts him in the obese category (30.3).

          4. Starting at about age 40, most people lose approximately a half-inch of height per decade. The reason: degeneration and compression of spinal discs and vertebrae, which begin to show wear-and-tear damage during middle age.

            As the spongy pads that protect and separate our vertebrae become thinner and less flexible, our spine becomes shorter. In addition, people who are not physically active lose muscle strength in their back and core, which often results in poor posture. Add in calcium loss in bones (osteoporosis)—another consequence of aging, especially for women who are post-menopausal—and you have a perfect formula for age-related shrinkage.

            Experts say it doesn’t have to be that way. Talk to your doctor and what you can do and follow these tips to help you stand tall for a lifetime.

            I am the same height I have been since I was in my twenties and I am 61 now. Exercise does help.

        2. yep all of these stats are fluffed. the medical exam pre election had him inches shorter and 267lbs if i remember.

        3. There is no way Trump is 6’3″. There is a picture of most of the then candidates with Jeb who is 6’3″ tall next to each other and Trump is several inches shorter. More fake stuff but why? What a stupid thing to lie about.

          1. Look at him with Comey. Comey is 6’8″ I believe and he is way more than 5″ taller than Trump.

          2. Trump was 6’2″ in his 2Os in college. At 71, there is no way he’s more than 6′. And his wgt, he looks well over 250 lbs. He has to be on more than cholesterol meds. He eats like a fat teenager, but he never exercizes. No, golf doesn’t count, he rides in the golf cart all over the course.

        4. Jen wears risers in his shoes adds a couple inches to his deceptive deplorable appearance. RCL

        5. when I was 61 years old, I was 6’2″ tall and weighed 270# and Trump without his suit coat on looks just like I did. I suffered a major stroke but fully recovered. I now take my medication, exercise, and eat properly and weigh 185#, something our “mad”POUS” should do in my opinion.

          1. If he is 6’2″, he’s probably closer to 250 or 260. The jackets are designed to flap around his girth, and his neck has gotten very fleshy. He looks bloated most of the time.

        1. As of today his wt. was reported as being 267 lbs. so ur 1/2 correct: he’s def. not “lean” but he’s def. “MEAN”.

          1. According to the National Institute of Health (, Trump has a body mass index of 34.3 (6’2″ and 267 lbs.). A BMI of over 30 is considered obese.

            Another 45 lbs and he will be considered “morbidly obese”, and will be a candidate for bariatric surgery.

            Obviously Trump doesn’t get very much exercise and over consumes rich foods.

            Robert Taft’s special White House furniture may yet have to be unpacked for another extremely overweight president.


        1. “Man ‘breaths’!?” What the …? I think you may mean “man ‘breasts'” Hyuk!Hyuk!

      1. You are right. Trump is healthy. Works all the time. More energy than a 35 yr old. He is my president if he weighed 400

      1. Renee, that’s very true. Television cameras show people weighing 10 lbs more than their actual weight.

          1. Agree with 300 lbs. 198 at 6’2″ would be pretty buff. Buff Trump is definitely not.

          2. I wouldn’t know I would need to see your picture than I would know

    2. LOL look at the guy on the t.v. he is much closer to 298 then he is to 198, you must have made a typo

      1. 198 not, but remember – he wears a bullet proof vest.
        that’ll add more than a little visual bulk.

      2. I agree with you. The Donald looks pretty heavy now. At age 69, and 6’2″, 198 would seem very unlikely. I’d guess around 260.

        1. bullet-proof vest? You’re dreaming, that’s a BMI of about 34-36! Too much fast food and he has gained since the vote. I’m sure there’s a defibrillator in every White House room.

    3. 198 lbs? LOL what a joke, look at him, he is 260 at a minimum, his waist is at least 44 and his belly hangs 8 inches out over that.

      Apparently this site allows celebrities to post their own fantasy weight.

    4. He’s also nowhere near 6’2. Maybe in his younger days – but next to Bill O”Reilly tonight he looked to be 6″ shorter at least. O’reilly claims to be 6’4″

    5. No sh–! My husband is 6’2″ and he is 209lbs and extremely lean. Donald Trump is AT LEAST 250 lbs- another lie he is telling that he’s lost weight on the campaign trail

    6. I saw him last Sunday and actually he looks thinner than 198. Much thinner than on TV.


    7. Lorain C. Koretz,thank you for this observation. And i rhink you coukd be so right,that Mr.Trump has gained some more weight.The creature to me looks ro be close to 350lbs.

    8. he weighs 275 lbs. easy. I’ve been 210 since I got out of the Army @ 20. in 1973 & I’m 6’3″, maybe he should have served, hell I even got a handful of medals for it, oh and I’m an Canadian

      1. He looked good enough to get elected President!
        He has done more in one week than Obama did in 8years!
        He is also honoring his promises!

    9. According to his most recent medical exam (September 2016) on the Dr. Oz show, he now weighs 267 lbs. He is officially obese.

    10. CK above. He’s like 236 now and has lost an inch in height. Like many of us in our 60’s

    11. very much overweight, I suppose that playing golf is not the best form of exercise. At least not at our expense. I believe that Jimmy Carter is in much better shape, swinging that hammer and building homes for the poor.

  2. I see Donald Trump grew his hair a bit & modernized his hairstyle. His hair looks surprisingly good. Love the strawberry blonde color. His youngest son Barron is adorable. I think the Donald has 1 or 2 grandchildren that are older then Barron, who is 9.

  3. This site is a joke, Trump below 200lbs. Its like watching Fox knowing right off the bat this website is lying thru its teeth and I should just keep watching!

  4. He definitely is over 250lbs. He has my vote at this point . Our system needs needs some shock therapy to get things going… Anything would be better than the last three politicians- Obama, Bush and Clinton… Especially Obama!

      1. Mary,

        I have size 12 feet, and now you hurt my feelings. You now need to say something nice to make me feel better about my manly parts.

  5. Dude. Really? 198???

    …..Trump is EASILY packing over 230 if he weighs one pound. his girth (waist) has got to be 40 inches. He looks fat all over.

    I would bet you a million dollars that he is nearly OBESE according to BMI measuring. If you looked at him in his undies….only…scary I know….you would see his flabbiness all over.

    I suspect that with his diet….he is quite unhealthy. So. besides being mentally and emotional unfit to be the President….he is physically quite unhealthy.

  6. He isn’t “nearly” obese, hi IS obese. If he lost 40 pounds, he would be nearly obese.

    I’M ONLY 12

  8. Trump is significantly overweight, even for a guy his age. Just look at his bloated, jowly face and it obvious he is well over 200 lbs. When he is seen in profile (which he tries to avoid) he is pretty broad in the beam.

  9. I don’t think I look so bad! I mean he looks so bad. He probably gained a few pounds from stress.

  10. I would guess that Trump’s weight now is easily 230 pounds……NO WAY he is 198…..that’s a joke…his actually weight is probably closer to 240 pounds….

    He did NOT release his medical records….nor any report from a physician…..he released something that he wrote himself….

    He LOOKS and IS very unhealthy…….no doubt he is on many medications….HBP, Cholesterol, and others….he is sleep deprived…..and suffers from ADHD….among other stuff….

  11. His vocabulary is extremely restricted and, as many people say, he has the attention span of a gnat.

  12. Trump? A redhead? Really? I’m sorry but from the photos i’ve seen, he’s obviously blonde.

  13. Donald Trump’s weight is out of control. As today’s newspaper close-ups reveal, his face is bloated and his pot belly is not very presidential. My guess 270, probably pushing 280.

  14. Trump is no way only 198 pounds. Since he is 6’2 I would say he could be as much as 250 just by looking at him. He’s not really fat but not thin by any means either. I would say he’s a little overweight, not Chris Christie fat, but he could stand to lose a few.

    1. He must be at least half a Belushi and only slightly less than Farley and a LOT less than John Candy or Rodney in terms of weight.

  15. He may have been 198 pounds once upon a time .He couldn’t possibly be less than 240 pounds now. Look at his potbelly being hidden by his bespoke suit.He must have very high cholesterol. Doesn’t compare physically to Obama who slim trim and sporty.

  16. Mr. Trump has the build of a man who played football in college. I understand he was a very good baseball and football player in high school and college. He looks like a naturally big frame ex jock.

  17. At least a 42″ waist and 260+ lbs. The guy consumes food and women as a sideline to consuming real estate and power.

  18. This just in: he’s at 267. That head has to be 15-20 pounds, 50% fat. He’s also shorter, but he could be standing in a hole.

  19. He lists himself as 6″3″ and 198. Good luck with that. You could see him standing next to Jeb Bush who is a real 6′ 3″ and was a good 2.5 ” shorter, about the height of his daughter. And his weight is 267, which would make him the fattest president since William Taft.

  20. Donald Trump weighs at least 300 lbs. He is considered obese, does not exercise and eats fast food. Considering his age and weight he could drop dead any time

  21. Donald is fat and should be fired.looks like he will be under heavy stress from his first real job, so he will be fatter headed for a heart attack.

  22. Donald Trump
    Based on his weight (236 lbs.) and his height (6 ft. 2 inches) his BMI is 30.3, Mr. Trump is obese.
    Normal BMI is 18.5 t0 24.9
    Overweight: BMI is 25 to 30
    Obese: BMI is over 30
    Mr. Trump, please loose weight and stay healthy.

  23. I think all of us should join together and stand by our president to be. Stop with the insults etc….
    The only way to be strong and great as we have always been, Is to stand together.??

  24. OMG. Anyone that comments on frames and weight so often is quite defensive. I am also 70 and have a BMI OF 10. Gosh, two sets of twelve ounce gloves and…….. Oh well.

  25. 312 lbs and 5’11. Check out his ‘physiqe’ in golf clothes- white polo shirt & khaki trousers – while on the campaign trail – no bullet proof vest to explain away bulk, no really looong red tie to visually lengthen the torso, and no long tunic-like suit jacket to hide the circumference of the ‘midriff bulge’. A lot of adipose tissue there. His butt is huge, his gut is bigger. Would definitely be classified as ‘morbidly obese’.

  26. 250lbs is pretty accurate. 200lbs would look downright lean. He ain’t lean. Borderline fat a** in the golf pics you mention.

  27. More time in the gym and less time in the tanning bed. I am the same age and I would feel great standing next to him—- not because of his notoriety, but because of our relative physical profiles.

  28. He’s not 6’3″ or even 6′ 2″ he was 6′ 2″ and when he found his weight made him “obese” added an inch–the man lies about everything–and as others have said–he’s had to have shrunk–we all do–he’s 6′ or under and still obese!

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