Kristin Chenoweth height and weight

Kristin Chenoweth height and weight

How tall is Kristin Chenoweth?

Kristin Chenoweth’s height is 4ft 11in (150 cm).

Source: Kristin Chenoweth (@KChenoweth) | Twitter

How much does Kristin Chenoweth weigh?

Kristin Chenoweth weighs 88 lbs (40 kg).

Kristin Chenoweth on Twitter: “I just worked out. I hate exercise. How can one weigh 88 lbs and still have a muffin top? It’s called coca-cola.”

Source: Kristin Chenoweth (@KChenoweth) | Twitter

“Occasionally I shop at GapKids. I can wear a size 12-14. It’s kind of fun.”


“I’m small, but I am not a stick. I’m a 32C on top and wear a small bottom, but I have curves.”

What is Kristin Chenoweth’s shoe size?

Kristin Chenoweth’s shoe size is 5.5 US (36 EU).

What is Kristin Chenoweth’s zodiac sign?

Kristin Chenoweth’s zodiac sign is Leo.

When was Kristin Chenoweth born?

Kristin Chenoweth’s birthday is on July 24, 1968.

Where was Kristin Chenoweth born?

Kristin Chenoweth was born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA.

American actress and singer, Kristin Chenoweth’s real name is Kristi Dawn Chenoweth.

Kristin Chenoweth’s diet and beauty secrets



“Starbucks oatmeal with brown sugar and a large cup of hot tea.”


“They’re serving steak with a healthy salad… but I can’t keep my eyes off the dessert table. I love chocolate chip cookies – I can never say no to them.”


“I like to eat little snacks throughout the day to keep my energy up.”

“Little packages of almonds are so great for on the go…I just pop them in my purse.”

“… I grab a fruit salad with lots of berries and take a few bites between scenes.”


“…tonight I skip my usual turkey-and-swiss wrap and have breakfast for dinner. I like to get protein into every meal, so I eat scrambled eggs with a side of cottage cheese, Popchips and Coca-Cola.”

Workout routines

“A lot of people find inspiration through running and I’m definitely among them…If I have a concert coming up, I love to put my headphones on and go over my whole program in my head.”

Botox injections

“I get Botox regularly [since 35], and I’m very happy to talk about why. Every six months, five shots right here [motions across her eyebrows].”

Source: Prevention, Rachael Ray Every Day, Shape Magazine, Women’s Running

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