Kurt Cobain height and weight

Kurt Cobain height and weight

How tall was Kurt Cobain?

Kurt Cobain’s height was 5ft 9in (175 cm). He had scoliosis which gave him bad posture.

How much did Kurt Cobain weigh?

Kurt Cobain weighed 130-147 lbs (59-67 kg).

What was Kurt Cobain’s shoe size?

Kurt Cobain’s shoe size was 10.5-11 US (44 EU).

What was Kurt Cobain’s zodiac sign?

Kurt Cobain’s zodiac sign was Pisces.

When was Kurt Cobain born?

Kurt Cobain’s birthday was on February 20, 1967.

Where was Kurt Cobain born?

Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington, USA.

When did Kurt Cobain die?

Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994 at the age of 27 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

“There have been at least 68 copycat suicides, teenagers killing themselves because they thought that’s what Kurt did. That makes this case tragic.” (A book by Halperin and Wallace, “Who Killed Kurt Cobain? : The Mysterious Death of an Icon”).

American musician and a cult figure, the lead singer of the rock band Nirvana, spouse – Courtney Love (1992–1994), children – Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt Cobain’s real name was Kurt Donald Cobain.


    1. Courtney did it. She had to, I know Kurt had many “problems” and was suicidal.. But Courtney was a control freak.. She had to have everything perfect, she was just in it for the fame and money.. What a whore

      1. she’s the reason why he pressed a lit cigarette against his forehead, once, before the 1993 MTV VMAs. she pestered him about how he HAD to look good, and telling him “not to fuck up”, for hours, so much that it drove him to do so. When he did it, he said to her, “There, are you happy? Am I going to look fucking good enough, for you, now?”

    2. That is just retarded I guess he went and bought the shot gun the day before he died so Courtney could have him killed… You don’t obviously know much about Kurt Cobain. He wanted to die!

      1. And you do? You seem very illusional. Maybe you imagine you knew him better than people who really did, and he was in love with you?

    3. Me too. If they really investigate he physically could not have pulled the trigger with that gun

      1. Yes he could’ve..I’m a combat vet and I know guns..also know somebody who killed themselves with the same gun.slant it with the butt of the gun touching the floor barrel in mouth angled up.Thumb the trigger down.simple.n people
        say oh with that much dope in him he couldn’t function.. Yea ..you can.I’m a recovering heroin addict.Kurt had a large tolerance. Im not saying he did do it himself.. But its definitely doable.

  1. Courtney deff had him done, the bitch is a major control freak, he wanted a divorce and she wasn’t gonna let it happen the whore

  2. Only those who don’t research for themselves, or bother to present their own valid points for argument besides calling someone “retarded”, should perhaps take a look in the mirror. He bought the gun because he knew someone was out to get him. Did you also know that he was trying to start divorce proceedings & have Courtney taken out of his will 2 weeks before he was found? The whole intervention she staged for him to go to rehab was designed to keep him from meeting with lawyers to finalize the paperwork. She was the one who tried to kill him in Rome, the rohypnol was her prescription & it’s known to cause memory loss. He knew something was wrong & he was trying to leave. Why else would he have all the money in his hand when she “found” him? She thought he was dead, then she called. No, he knew she was trying to kill him, & the incident wasn’t called a suicide attempt until after he died, & guess who it was that spread it!? Courtney. The only “retards” who exist are those who blindly accept any story they’re told by the media. The media who has had decades of practice with propaganda & have the ability to sway public opinion with simple editing & sound bites presented in a way that pushes their agenda to get the results wanted. Courtney isn’t stupid, that $30+ million that was allegedly stolen was all hush money. Someone as materialistic as her would know where every cent went. She’s an actress, probably the best of the century to pull off what she’s done. F***, I could probably write a book detailing every single instance of the case to support the fact it was murder. Especially since the amount of heroin already in his system was what had already killed him. There was enough to kill 3 hardcore users with extremely high tolerances! He was a small guy & he had just got out of rehab. It wouldn’t have taken much to incapacitate him. There was no way he could pick up the gun & even if he didn’t do any dope, the barrel of the gun was way too long for him to reach the trigger. Maybe take a look at the case from multiple sources, compare notes & come up with your own conclusions before calling someone “retarded” for stating the obvious fact that she did have something to do with his death. If you have valid points to argue in favor of suicide then present your facts, because name calling just isn’t a valid argument. In fact, it’s typically a bully tactic from schoolyards all over the world. If someone doesn’t share your beliefs, call them names & belittle them, as if that’ll make them think, “gee, you must be right! The media says it so it must be truth, because anything on tv or in newspapers is automatically truth, right?” Come on now. With the Internet, people can access information from multiple sources. It’s only laziness that keeps people from searching for the actual truth.

    1. On top of all that, there was a lot of time between the using and the gunshot. When they found him, both sleeves of the flannel he was wearing were rolled down and the heroin “kit” wasn’t even in the room. Its completely improbable for him to shoot as much as was in his system, roll down both sleeves, put his heroin “kit” away, hide it, then go back into the room he was in, load the gun, position it just right, then pull the trigger. There’s no way.

      1. Why is that impossible you could shoot up hide your shit and load your gun, but why would he want to kill himself he was on heroin he could have as much heroin as he wanted he had tons of money he was a million air!!if I had that much money I have tons of heroin and I’d be so happy that I wouldn’t want to shoot myself

  3. As with most women with ocd and bipolar and borderline personality and mood disorder. She changed, she was afraid his fame alive would bury her band. She was an independent, she didn’t want to live off Kurts money with him knowing it. Cali knew where the body was, Tom Grant was paid off w sex and money. El duce didn’t do it, Allen wrench did. Courtney got into that hardcore offensive stage sex type music. Usually why you would see her vagina on occasions. She mentally cracked, and some of it could be because of Lynn Hershberg. Kurt hated what he became. The total opposite of what he was trying to do. Courtney was more manly, raised predominantly by her father. More outspoken as Kurt was timid and shy. What sealed the deal is when rumors Dave was fucking her during the in utero tour, but it was Billy Corgan that is why he was filing for divorce. He was shamed. His home was broke into to, they stole bs like his journals, whoever knew that he’d be dead and that would be worth a lot of cash. So my conclusion is. Courtney fed Cali dope, a lot. Courtney cheated and Kurt found out. The last song of unplugged, the last scream. Will tell u his pain. Listen close.

  4. The bigger feet you have the taller you are I’m the same shoe size and he’s one inch taller than me

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