Prince (singer) height and weight

Prince (singer) height and weight

How tall was Prince?

Prince’s height was 5ft 2in (157 cm).

Prince’s first wife Mayte Garcia: “…I never felt his insecurity in height. You didn’t see it because he was who he was…Prince never, ever mentioned it except to say he wished he was taller so he could play basketball. He was actually a really great basketball player.”

Source: Mirror Online

How much did Prince weigh?

What was Prince’s shoe size?

What was Prince’s zodiac sign?

Prince’s zodiac sign was Gemini.

When was Prince born?

Prince’s birthday was on June 7, 1958.

Where was Prince born?

Prince was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

When did Prince die?

Prince died on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57 in Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA.

American singer, spouse – Mayte Garcia (1996-2000), Manuela Testolini (2001-2006), Prince’s real name is Prince Rogers Nelson.

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  1. I think prince was the greatest entertainer to ever grace I’ve been a fan since he sang I wanna be your lover and he will truly missed he was one of the beautiful ones

  2. Prince was iconic a godsend to music and every time you would hear his music you could feel the electricity and he left you wanting more but now his journey is over so rest my sweet prince god has you now and now your talent won’t be wasted in haven because god has work for you to do there so walk on those streets paved in gold walk on and take a bow you’ve earned it

  3. Prince died in Chanhassen, MN at his Paisley Park Studio/Home. There is no such City in MN as Paisley Park.

  4. Prince had a big heart. It dont matter what a person look. Like or weight he had problems but who doesnt. I loved the music genius

    1. I loved and new prince personality I met him when iwas 7 a big very big and then some and even though he was only5.2. Inches he had a big voice that the whole world herd near and far and acrossed the moon and back

  5. Prince was one of a kind… eyecandy musican..entertainer…. just someone who will never b forgotten….. a icon who will b missed but never forgotten…

  6. RIP PRINCE you were an awesome entertainer and you will be missed. My deepest sympathy and prayers for your family Alice & Rubin

  7. Prince was more that and entertainer he was a musical genius who came in a beautiful spirit to let the world hear his heart

  8. He was handsome his wife was so lucky to be married to he I hope he was saved so when he died he would be with God Jesus is the lamb of god that took away the sins of the world bless the,name of Jesus

  9. If he called on the name of the lord he got saved the bible says who ever calls on the name of the lord he shall be saved its time for every one to ask Jesus into there heart Jesus died for the world give Jesus your heart I no prince loved god