Vivien Leigh height and weight

Vivien Leigh height and weight

How tall was Vivien Leigh?

Vivien Leigh’s height was 5ft 3.5in (161 cm).

How much did Vivien Leigh weigh?

Vivien Leigh weighed 105 lbs (48 kg).

What was Vivien Leigh’s shoe size?

Vivien Leigh’s shoe size was 7.5 US (38 EU).

What was Vivien Leigh’s zodiac sign?

Vivien Leigh’s zodiac sign was Scorpio.

When was Vivien Leigh born?

Vivien Leigh’s birthday was on November 5, 1913.

Where was Vivien Leigh born?

Vivien Leigh was born in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India (at that time British India).

When did Vivien Leigh die?

Vivien Leigh died on July 8, 1967 at the age of 53 in London, England.

British actress best known for portraying Scarlett O’Hara in a timeless classic Gone with the Wind (1939), Vivien Leigh’s real name was Vivian Mary Hartley.

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